XL 100% Carbon Fibre Plate (Plate only)


Pure Carbon Fibre Display Plate For Our Carbon Card And Straw.

The Pure 100% Carbon Fibre plate is that one product we all been waiting for and the perfect companion for your Carbon Fibre Card and Straw. It will be the perfect piece on your living room table, the man cave or bar. The plate is completely smooth, anti-static and has a black matte background so you can see everything and you won’t waste a thing. Carbon fibre is extremely durable so the plate will not scratch nor break and comes with a lifetime warranty. Combine this with our plate warmer and you will be set.

  • Description


    • The Plate is 100% 3k Carbon fibre.
    • Antibacterial – Clean.
    • Anti-static – No residue.
    • Durable.
    • Comes with non-slip legs for a firm grip on any surface.
    • The plate is 20cm x 23cm, 4mm thick and weighs 210 grams.
    • Lifetime Warranty

    **Warning – Only use our dedicated heater to heat the plate, As this plate is made of Carbon Fiber, please do not put it in a microwave or near open flame**