Why do you need a Grinder?

It is by far the easiest and fastest way…
No longer will you cut or slice your fingers but you also won’t damage the trichomes on your flowers, Using your fingers can also lead to the loss of THC crystals on your fingers. Not only do you lose some THC resin heads on your hands, but you’ll also tarnish some of the resins left on the buds that you’ve been touching with the oil on your skin.
Unlike hand-ground bud, flower processed through a grinder is typically less harsh because it is so much more consistent. Unlike whole buds, whose uneven shape can affect the fluidity of the smoke produced, ground herbs will smoke cleanly and evenly and when it comes to doobie’s you will now be able to roll a tight, smooth joint that smokes efficiently, evenly and perfect and usually results in a slower burn which we all love.
Smoking or vaping ground herbs will really bring out the natural flavours of its terpene profile. As you open the main chamber of your grinder, you can expect the natural odour of the strain to overwhelm you. With the improved taste and flavour of ground buds, it will really enhance your smoking experience.
If you want to catch the kief separately, a 4 piece grinder is what you need, For those that would like to supercharge their mix, we have you covered
When vaporizing bud, grinding up your product allows it to be evenly vaped, and most vaporizers even instruct that you do it to get the best performance result.
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