Ez Test for Ketamine, Cocaine, Ecstasy and more



EZ Test neither condones nor condemns the use of any drug, but recognizes the fact that illicit substances will be used regardless of their illegality. There is no such thing as SAFE drug use!

**NOTE: We are the only authorised distributor of Ez-Test pill testing kits in Australia.**

Ez-Test offers a range of quick and simple presumptive drug and pill testing kits. Pill testing kits are an effective tool to test the purity, strength and presence of adulterants in recreational drugs, helping you to make an informed decision about what substances you take.


Here at Ez-Test Australia we are all about harm reduction. We realise that unregulated recreational drugs need to be tested to know that what you’ve bought is what you think it is. The reality is that you are going to take it anyway so you may as well test it.

EZ Test also has a range of tests that can test the Purity of a substance like MDMA and Cocaine. We also have packs that can do a more thorough test on a substance – check out our ‘Ultimate Ecstasy Pack’ and our ‘Ultimate Coke Pack’
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