Ultra Klean E-coli and Salmonella Test Kit


The Ultra Klean E-coli and Salmonella test kit was created to address the growing problem of contamination of our nation’s food supply. Our easy-to-use test strips are an enzyme detection test with a cut-off level of 7.5 CFU/ml. In as little as 20 minutes you can know whether or not your food has unsafe levels of e-coli or salmonella. The results are easy to read. No colour change on the test strip is a negative result, while a colour change means a positive result.

2oz bottle of buffer, 1 salmonella test kit, 1 e-coli test kit, 2 resealable bags, 2 droppers.


  1. Wash small sample of food to be tested (beef, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.) in a bowl.
  2. Using dropper, collect 1 oz. of water from bowl you washed food with.
  3. Place water in plastic bag.
  4. Open buffer bottle, add 3 drops of buffer and seal bag.
  5. Shake bag for 5 seconds, then let stand for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Open the e-coli or salmonella pouch and remove the test strip.
  7. Open plastic bag and dip test strip into the solution. Only cover the pad! Hold in solution for 30 seconds.
  8. Remove test strip and place on clean flat surface. Wait for 20 minutes.
  9. No colour change on pad is negative. Colour change is positive.