Ultimate Stash Rock


Tired of traditional hiding spots that are all too obvious? Say hello to the Rock Stash, a unique and secure solution to keep your valuable items safe and discreet. With its authentic look and ingenious design, it’s the perfect hiding place!

  • Realistic Appearance – Our Rock Stash is meticulously crafted to mimic a natural rock, blending seamlessly with its surroundings. No one will ever suspect your hidden treasure!
  • Hidden Compartment – Beneath the rock’s exterior lies a concealed storage space measuring 3cm x 6cm, ideal for safeguarding your cash, jewellery, or any small, precious items you want to keep protected.
  • Ample Space – The 8cm x 7cm rock provides enough room to hide your valuables while appearing as a genuine garden or landscape feature.
  • Easy to Use – Place the Rock Stash in your garden, among other rocks or landscaping, and rest easy knowing your prized possessions are concealed in plain sight.