Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve – Rick & Morty Collection


The Toker Poker is an all-inclusive smoker’s tool that fits snugly on your Bic Lighter and is accessible when you need it most. Finally, your poker, hemp wick, tamper, and lighter are all in the same place. This product was created with quality as the top priority with its ergonomic design combined with stainless steel smoking accessories make it the one and only. Now with a built-in bottle opener!
•          Ergonomic Lighter Sleeve
•          Fits a standard Bic lighter (Cellophane wrap must be removed)
•          Fold-in stainless steel poker
•          Stainless steel tamper
•          Flip-out bottle opener
•          Securely holds up to 5 ft. of Hemp wick
•          Not much bigger than a regular Bic lighter