The Original Detox Gum (only a 5hr Abstinence time required)


Quickly and effectively remove any unwanted toxins and scents!

(Only a 5 hour Abstinence time is required)

  • 10X more powerful than any other saliva detox
  • Formulated and designed to quickly, effectively and safely remove any unwanted toxins or scents from your mouth immediately
  • Built with all natural ingredients
  • Non medicated so can cross state and international lines.
  • The cleanest, most discreet and convenient delivery method.
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Dispensary and food grade, foil lined, child proof and resealable
  • Removable labels for discretion and anonymity
  • Lot and batch number stamps proving it was manufactured and packaged at FDA approved clean facilities.

2 Servings.

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