THC EZ Test Kit + THC Saliva Test + Rapid Clean Mouthwash


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    THC: EZ Test Tube for THC in Hash and Marijuana (Marijuana)
    A red colour indicates the presence of THC. Open the ampoule and then insert your sample and let the ingredients mix for about 10 seconds. A red colour will indicate the presence of THC.

    Saliva Drug Test Kit – THC Rapid Test: (Oral Fluid) Marijuana, Cannabis
    The THC Rapid Test (Oral Fluid) is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Marijuana in human oral fluid at a cut-off concentration of 12ng/mL. Ideal for workplace pre-screening to see if there is any THC in your system.

    Instant Detox Rapid Clean Mouthwash 50ml
    The Rapid Clean Mouthwash is a detoxifying mouthwash that reduces drug residue in the oral cavity and leaves your mouth refreshed and residue-free. A large number of positive results on a Saliva Drug Test arise due to residual drug metabolites and drugs in the mouth. The Rapid Clean Detoxifying Mouthwash uses a specially formulated solution to help remove metabolites whilst leaving your mouth smelling and feeling great. Rapid Clean mimics the leading brands in taste but differs by its unique ability to displace drug metabolites in the saliva.