Stinger Detox Mouthwash Vanilla


  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly. If you are worried about passing your test you could even buy two bottles and still pay less than some other products.
  • Alcohol and aspartame free
  • Won’t leave any colour/residue in your mouth so it is safe to use shortly before your test.
  • Stinger’s unique mouthwash provides a powerful cleanse with a great tasting vanilla flavour!
  • Alcohol-free.

Stinger Detox Mouthwash comes in an inexpensive 2oz bottle. It is designed to neutralize a variety of toxins, including nicotine, THC, and prescription drugs. You simply swish the entire bottle around in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes then swallow the liquid. It begins working almost immediately and will continue to work about up to one hour. It has a vanilla flavour and contains 55 calories.

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  • Description

    Even taking only a small amount of drugs or alcohol in the days before a saliva test can cause a positive result. The consequences of failing a drug test can be devastating, so why take the risk of failing at all? Stinger´s Mouthwash will remove any toxins-such as opiates, cocaine…

    Directions For Use:

    Sip small amounts and swirl in mouth for AT LEAST ONE MINUTE. Swallow when finished. Repeat until the entire bottle is used up. USE FULL STRENGTH. DO NOT brush or drink anything after using.

    The Stinger brand mouthwash is designed to remove all the nasty things from inside your mouth and saliva. Forget orbiting, clean it up with Stinger.