Smokus Focus Jetpack


Prepare to take-off with the all new Smokus Focus Jetpack display jar.  Inspect your flower through brilliant magnification and smell through our brand new lid mounted aroma vent.

The Smokus Focus Jetpack features our best ever visuals combined with all of the security features needed in order to comply with today’s flower display and packaging requirements.  At an affordable price, the Jetpack offers an unrivalled option to look after or showoff your great buddie!!

Featuring a wider base than the Eclipse and Horizon, the Smokus Focus Jetpack provides a sleek low profile without sacrificing volume, allowing you to easily slip it into a pocket or backpack.  Its crystal clear magnification make it ideal for displaying top shelf flower, and the built-in scent vent allows you to smell what’s inside while maintaining a 100% airtight seal when closed.

The Jetpack is the first jar in the Smokus Focus line-up to incorporate a childproof, lockable and tamper evident lid ensuring that your contents stay safe and secure.

As with all Smokus Focus display and storage jars, the Jetpack features the highest quality components, from its bright LED lighting and high powered magnification lens to its acrylic glass and lockable, airtight lid.

  • Description


    • 2 Colour Options
    • LED Lights Inside Jar
    • Magnifying Screw Top Lid
    • Sturdy Plastic Build
    • Clear Plastic Walls and Lid For Content Viewing
    • Air Vent With Plug
    • Air Tight Seal

    In The Box:

    • Jetpack Display Jar – 85mm Diameter X 45mm Height
    • Smokus Focus User Guide
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie
  • Additional information