Smokus Focus Eclipse


The most powerful display jar, ever. We created a flower viewing experience that rests at the apex of functionality and design. The Eclipse’s brilliant ring of recessed LED lighting captures every detail of your flower for over 12 hours, allowing for non-stop, seamless, and simple daily display. The crystal clear duel magnification lens sits atop our most ergonomically-conscious jar that fits effortlessly in the palm of your hand. Large enough to fit over a 1/4th of flower, small enough to toss in your backpack as you embark on your next adventure.

The Eclipse Jar continues to be the standard set for all other flower display jars in the market. The Smokus Focus Eclipse is the most versatile jar in the Smokus Focus arsenal and is appreciated by both consumers and retailers alike.

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    Massive improvements have been made on the Eclipse. Improved LED lighting, more magnification, security compliance and USB-C charging make the Smokus Focus Eclipse the top choice for appreciators of fine flower! Subtle improvements offer tremendous value. With our newest security enhancements, Smokus Focus Eclipse jars are now compliant in all known retail flower markets.

    With a bright ring of recessed LED lights, crystal-clear dual magnification and a sharp, eye-catching profile, it looks incredible displaying your favourite herbs or collectibles.  Featuring scratch-resistant acrylic glass, an airtight silicon gasket and a lockable lid, the Eclipse is rugged enough to be thrown in a backpack, glove box or the trunk of your car. Factor in its rechargeable lithium ion battery with a 12-hour life, USB-C charging capability and LED charging indicator light, and you’ve got a brilliant display jar that’ll be shining bright well into the night.

    In The Box:

    • Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar
    • Smokus Focus User Guide
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    • Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie


    We believe that our top shelf experience should begin the moment we lay our eyes on the flower. There’s nothing quite like the crystals glistening on a freshly harvested flower, or the aromatic waft that blooms out of a new container. That’s why we created a viewing experience that fits seamlessly into your sesh. We’ve reimagined and redesigned the stash jar to set a higher standard for flower connoisseurs around the world. Our crystal clear, lightweight, durable and reusable jars feature hyper bright LED lights, high-powered magnification lenses, 100% airtight smell proof seals, and tamper proof locking mechanisms to keep your flower safe. Elevate your experience with Smokus Focus.

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