Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter


  • 4 stage HEPA + Activated coconut carbon filter
  • 100% recyclable, eco friendly filter cartridges
  • Eliminates smoke & smoke odours
  • 500+ uses
  • Heavy duty design for max airflow & durability
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to replace filters
  • Perfect for the Office, Home or Travel.

The Smoke Trap+ Personal Air Filter is a long-lasting, blow-thru air freshener and odour neutralizer that was created with longevity in mind. The heavy-duty design ensures that it won’t be clogged in just a week and airflow won’t be restricted; it is also good for over 500 uses! With 100% recyclable, replaceable filters, these air filters are like the gift that keeps on giving. Eliminate smoke and smoke odours to avoid bothering friends, family, and neighbours with the hearty and long-lasting Smoke Trap+.

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