Smelly Proof Bags – X Small – Clear – 10cm x 7.6cm


  • The Toughest Reusable Smell Proof Storage Bags Around!
  • Airtight zippers lock in odours and freshness

Keep your life smelling fresh and clean. Our unique odour proof bags are made with a special medical grade material approved by the FDA and USDA that keeps odours trapped inside sturdy locking zippers. Every bag you use is highly durable–puncture resistant and moisture repellent–making Smelly Proof Bags reusable and helping you save money.

Consumers can use our smell proof bags in many different applications – from storing food products that produce strong odours – onions, anyone? –   to sealing dirty gym clothes away and keeping their odours at bay in a sealed odour proof bag for transport so that you can wash them.

You can even use this bag for camping, holding worms and bait for a fishing trip (or the fish that you’ve caught on that trip) or to seal up the remnants of tobacco use. Our odour bags are suitable for use with food products, but you can use these bags in many different activities – probably almost anything you can think of.

Heat Sealable – Smelly Proof bags also have “tear notches” to be used with most all heat and vacuum sealers for freezing foods safely up to 6 months without freezer burn.

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  • Description
    To prove that our heavy-duty food storage bags actually make food “invisible” to black bears, we put food in a Smelly Proof bag and hid it along with other food. It didn’t take long for the bears to find food under the rocks, but they kept walking right past the bear-resistant food bags from Smelly Proof! If our heavy-duty bags can pass the bear test, that means they’ll protect your food from other scavengers, too.