Satya Sandalwood Premium Incense – 15 Gram Pack


There is something distinctly Indian about the aroma of Sandalwood, which is deeply interwoven in our history and culture. The fragrance will linger for hours.

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP is the maker of the world famous Satya Incense which are hand rolled Masala based incenses.

Imagery evoked: Your grandmother reciting prayers in her prayer room

Description: Sacred

Key Notes: Sublime, Woody

Use: The healing aroma of Sandalwood flora incense can be used to energize the body and promote feelings of serenity within. Leave all your aggressions behind when you light this incense and go into a state of relaxation.

Sandalwood is the traditional Indian wood and is among the most fragrant woods in the world. Satya combined the benefits of sandalwood with the incense sticks to bring you the calming Satya sandalwood masala incense sticks. Sandalwood is believed to be sacred wood in India and even used while worshipping deities. It symbolizes purity, divinity and healing.

Sandalwood wood is said to kill anxiety and lower down stress levels. These incense sticks should be burned in both home and office environment, as they are said to aid in air purification. These incense sticks can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. This makes them ideal to use when trying to connect with the higher self or seeking spiritual enlightenment like prayer, meditation, etc. Also, its aroma is said to improve your sleep quality by promoting soothing positive vibes in your surroundings. These incense sticks are of standard size and can easily fit in ant incense stick holder or stand.

  • Description

    About Satya Incence:

    What sets Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP incense apart and at the fore of other incense manufactures is our use of the masala/flora technique in production. This approach is both a return to our roots steeped in Indian spirituality and a recognition of quality.

    “Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP” is a deeply committed equal opportunity employer. We see ourselves as a family. Our Organization and its parent company have worked with predominantly female employees based with three generations working under the same roof at this present time. Jobs at our establishment frequently pass hands from grandmothers to mothers to daughters.

    Our employees are skilled artisans, having gained expertise from years of hand-rolling and handcrafting of incense. These artisans are trained in the exact measure of “Flora” incense blend required for making of a perfect and uniform stick. The use of bamboo in our work ensures a minimal ecological footprint and is of great support to tribal artisans. Our employees are provided with social overheads and a fair wage in addition to work gear, including masks and gloves.

    Owing to this uniqueness in our employees, our engagement with social justice with equity bonus, ‘gifts’ rather than anything between the Company and Employees are passed on in the form of Household Utensils and Sarees every year. All meals are shared within the industry premises affirming again to an informal and interpersonal relationship as a family.

    In this way, supporting our work in handcrafted incense lends a voice to craft, the earth, tribal welfare, gender parity and agency.

    We strive as an organisation for excellence in our products following strict adherence to global standards and traditional practices, pledged to growth of Indian exports, our efforts are recognised and awarded by the government of India.