River Stone Stash


Tired of the same old stash spots that scream “obvious”? Looking for a discreet and unique way to hide your most treasured items? Look no further! Our River Stone Stash is your answer, combining the beauty of nature with the security of a secret compartment.

  • Natural Elegance – Each River Stone Stash is a genuine, hand-selected river stone, creating an authentic and elegant addition to your decor. Place it in your garden, on your desk, or among your indoor plants – no one will suspect what lies inside.
  • Hidden Compartment – Concealed within the stone is a 3cm x 6cm secret compartment, perfect for keeping your small valuables, spare keys, or important documents secure and out of sight.
  • Ideal Size – Measuring 12cm x 4cm, our River Stone Stash fits seamlessly into your surroundings while providing ample space for your prized possessions.
  • Foolproof Disguise – The River Stone Stash effortlessly blends into its surroundings, making it nearly impossible for anyone to recognize it as a secret hiding place.