RAW LIFE Black Grinder – Clear View


The RAW LIFE Grinder Clear View is modularly engineered to last a lifetime! Every component is easily cleanable and replaceable, even the screen. You can add or remove components from your grinder to customise it exactly the way you like. Personally, we remove the screen and use it as a 3 piece/whole leaf grinder (grinding directly into the super large clear catch basin). Designed to not only shred your stuff, but to fluff as you grind to give you the perfect consistency to roll.

As with any tool, proper lubrication is key. Applying a few drops of hemp, olive or plant-based oil around the collar will prevent seizing and ensure your lifetime grinder lives up to its name.

The RAW Life Grinder is created using a 6063 Aluminium-magnesium alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI. This ‘shredder is modular so you can shred the way you like it.