Raw Artesano Kingsize Slim with Tray, Papers & Tips


RAW’s new Artesano papers are truly unique, as they have everything you need to roll your own. The RAW Artesano King Size Slim is a 3-in-1 system that includes King Size (110mm) papers, tips, and a paper rolling tray, all in one easy package!

  • The pack has folds on the outside packaging to hold it all together, making it easier to carry with you.
  • RAW is all natural, and made with non-bleached, chlorine-free hemp.
  • Made of natural unrefined hemp rolling papers.
  • Purest natural fibers.
  • Total chlorine free.
  • Vegan friendly product.
  • Each pack contains finest quality paper.
  • Slow burning – natural gum.
  • 32 Leaves and Tips.