Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit – 4oz


Rest assured that your urine will be ready to go at a moment’s notice with just the flip of a switch. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is easy to use and a highly effective way to carry synthetic urine.

Each prefilled kit contains 4oz of fake urine and comes with a heat pack capable of keeping your urine warm for up to 5 hours. Four ounces of urine is more than enough for most uses.

  • Description


    Our synthetic urine belt is the perfect way to transport Quick Fix to your desired destination. We realize that being able to conceal your fake pee is absolutely essential to some people. For example, during a prank or when simulating fetish type situations with your partner.

    No need to mess around with huge syringes or to mix powder and water together. Our prefilled kit includes everything you need to get up and running in just a few minutes.

    Just heat up the Quick Fix Belt in your microwave for 7-10 seconds, check the temperature strip, strap the warmer to the bag and wrap it around your waist. You will be good to go for at least the next 5 hours.


    When you need a perfectly clean sample of normal human urine, Quick Fix is the best way to go. It is perfectly balanced for all of the things that matter in normal human urine. Trusted by millions, our synthetic is the industry standard for clean pee.

    Specific gravity determines how dilute your urine sample is in a laboratory environment. If your urine contains too much water, it will come back as dilute and be marked as inconclusive. Quick Fix is perfectly balanced for specific gravity. So when you take your nicotine test, it will never register as inconclusive.

    Is your sample human? Labs will test for creatinine to determine if the urine is from a human or some other animal. Don’t worry, Quick Fix has the perfect amount of creatinine. It will register as coming from a human being on your nicotine test every time.

    PH is another factor that determines if a laboratory urine sample has been tampered with or diluted in some way. Some additives like bleach will alter the PH, flagging the sample as adulterated. Every batch of fake pee we produce has the same PH as normal urine.


    Spectrum Labs is the only company with a Biocide Protected synthetic urine. Simply put, Biocide allows Quick Fix to be stored and reheated unlimited times without any bacteria contaminating the sample.

    Other brands of fake urine use UV light in order to kill bacteria when the bottle or belt is being filled. This is a temporary solution. If even one microbe of bacteria is present in your pee, the sample will eventually go bad and be rendered useless.

    If you buy knock off synthetic urine without Biocide, you’re essentially buying a ticking time bomb. It’s not a matter of IF it will go bad, it’s a matter of WHEN.

    Imagine instead of cleaning your kitchen countertops with bleach, you just shined a light on them. You wouldn’t eat off of it would you? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you trust a knock off synthetic that has UV protection. It will eventually go bad and you’ll be the one left high and dry.