Quick Fix Plus 6.3 Synthetic Urine – 3oz


The Quick Fix synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug (THC, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, pollutants) test or drugs test.

The Quick Fix Solution is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass a drug test. To ensure passing a urinalysis, the Quick Fix contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics. Rest assured, it is guaranteed to work for girls and boys alike!

The Quick Fix bottle comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at body temperature. The Quick Fix Plus (large size) contains 90mL of synthetic urine.

  • Clean, pre-mixed laboratory urine
  • Accurately replicates urine
  • Suitable for use by both men and women.
  • Temperature strip attached directly to the bottle
  • Heating pad included

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  • Description

    Instead of generating the urine in a human body, Spectrum Labs has perfected a means of creating urine in a laboratory environment. This laboratory process results in a CLEANER FRESHER urine that is TOXIN FREE and balanced for PHSPECIFIC GRAVITYCREATINEUREA, and several other urine characteristics. Quick Fix is also designed to be UNISEX therefore it can be used by either a man or woman.

    A generous 3 oz. large size gives you a more than adequate amount of synthesized urine to handle any situation on the spot.

    Each pack of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine contains:

    • Synthetic urine
    • Flip top cap
    • Urea included
    • Heat pack
    • Pre-mixed formula

    Once this synthetic urine is warmed between 32-37 degrees Celsius in a microwave for up to 10 seconds it becomes suitable for use. Attach the heat pack and keep it warm for up to 8 hours!

    You are viewing the large Quick Fix product (Quick Fix plus), containing 90mls of quality premixed synthetic urine. We sell only the most up to date formula of Quick Fix, currently formula 6.3.

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