Carbon By Charlie: Pure Carbon Fibre Card and Straw in Luxury Box – White or Pink


Do you respect what you do? With all the money you spent on what you love (or as I call it “PURE love”) are you giving it the full respect it deserves? Is your old dented credit card enough? A worn-out rolled note…come on….think about it for a second.

Introducing Carbon by Charlie, made in America with the finest Italian Carbon Fibre.

This great package come with a branded 100% 3k carbon fibre card and straw in a luxury box, great if you want the whole experience or if it’s a gift. The Card is the same size as a credit card however it’s lighter, much more durable and thinner, so it fits perfectly in any wallet or purse. The card has the perfect amount of flexibility featuring three round corners and one multiuse sharp corner.

The Carbon fibre Straw is as durable as it gets, you can carry it in your wallet or pocket, and it will never squash or bend, the interior mirror-glossy finish is one of the smoothest surfaces so nothing is ever left behind. One side is smooth so you always know where up is and the straw is as high as a money note (7cm) with the inner diameter of (5mm).

Carbon fibre is a clean, antibacterial material with anti-static attributes to leave as fewer residue on the card or straw as possible however we also include a cleaning brush so to ensure there is no waste.

The upper side of the card and the straw exterior of the straw are spacecraft-matte. The bottom side of the card and the interior of the straw are mirror-glossy.

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  • Description


    • The card and straw are both 100% 3k Twill Carbon fibre and come in a Luxury Box branded in White.
    • Lifetime Warranty


    • Antibacterial – Clean.
    • Anti-static – No residue.
    • Flexible.
    • Durable.
    • Thinner than a credit card.
    • Dimensions of card – 8.5cm × 5.5cm


    • The straw length is the same as a $100 note at 7cm long and has an inner diameter of 5mm.
    • One smooth edge.


    • 9.5cm brush length, bristles – 4.5cm, 1cm width in Black.

    **Warning – As this plate is made of Carbon Fibre, please do not put it in a microwave or near an open flame**

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