Carbon By Charlie: Plate Warmer For Our Carbon Fibre Plates


There are two types of people in the world, the one that doesn’t heat their shit, and you.

This is our dedicated heater design made by Charlie specifically for heating our carbon fibre plates, right up to the EXACT temperature to heat whatever you like, without overheating and damaging the carbon fibre or whatever you are heating.

The warmer fits perfectly under the MINI plate covering almost the entire plate or heating only a desired section of the XL plate.

The top of the warmer is made of high-quality Tempered glass and Aluminium featuring an anti-skid bottom which heats evenly and is safe and durable. It can be powered by any device with output 5V USB port, such as a computer, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile power bank and so on.

  • Description


    • The Warmer diameter is 8.2cm and is 6mm in height.
    • Just plug it in to turn it on and disconnect it when finished.
    • Anti-skid bottom