“OG Snuff” – Tablet Board


After a hard day this is the only tablet to unwind with!

The board has a smooth glossy finish to ensure ease when moving anything over the surface, it has 8 lined grooves, 4 in the top right and 4 in the bottom left each angled for an easier fill. As well as 6 circle indentations for bumps, 3 in the top left and 3 in the bottom right, so you can choose exactly how you want it! There is one card holder and two straw holders at the top of the product to keep your tools safe. The unit sits on 4 rubber feet to prevent it sliding around on any surface. Perfect for 2 people to share.

All of our acrylic products are made by us in house, on precision laser cutters. All cut from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® We only use the best materials and shape them into these fun products. As the products are laser cut from a single piece or acrylic there are no sharp edges or moving parts

Easy to clean and keep sanitary, as there are no rough edges for dirt to cling too or be absorbed by. Another benefit is that our boards can be used in the microwave to heat up and also kill bacteria but don’t over do it *

Available in many colours, so we are sure we will have the right one for you!

Sealed in airtight wrapping to keep sanitary and sent to your door in discreet unbranded packaging.

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  • Description

    Product Specification:

    • The 8 lined groves, 4 top right, 4 bottom left measure 30mm in length, 4mm in width and 2mm in depth.
    • The 6 circle indentations 3 top left, 3 bottom right, have an 8mm circumference and a 2mm depth.
    • Weight 185g
    • Length 150mm x Width 200mm x Height 7mm(including feet)

    *Due to fact microwaves come in many different power outputs we advise discretion, and do not take responsibility for any damaged to the board or any personal injury caused.

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