“OG Snuff” – Carbon Fibre Wallet Credit Card


What’s not to like, Classy, durable and extremally strong. Made from high quality carbon fibre, it’s the perfect addition to the wallet.

The card has a smooth satin finish. If you lose this then it’s not a problem, it’s easy to replace with no financial danger, compared to some other important cards found in your wallet like bank card, ID, driving licence etc

With a non-stick finish it’s perfect to prepare your product and being carbon fibre it is a clean, antibacterial material with anti-static attributes to leave as little residue on the card as possible.. No longer will you have damaged or scratched credit cards that don’t work.

Product Specification:

  • Made from genuine carbon fibre.
  • Weight 5g
  • Same size as a credit or ID card,
  • Length 85.60mm x Width 53.98mm x Thickness 0.5mm

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