Newport Zero Jumbo 10 Inch Torch – Gold


  • Safely adjustable flame.
  • Self-igniting piezo ignition.
  • Built-on stand and lock button for hands-free operations.
  • Comfort grip handle.
  • Quick Refill System.
  • Multifunction & multipurpose butane torch lighter.
  • Jumbo fuel gauge (Up to 60 minutes flame burn time).

REFILLABLE JUMBO KITCHEN BUTANE TORCH – Gone are the days when cooking torches were only for star chefs on our favourite cooking shows. Now, lots of recipes that we prepare at home call for some torching. Even the most inexperienced cooks or homemakers can make meals look like gourmet fare with this important kitchen utensil. Using a kitchen torch can be scary, but don’t worry Newport Zero has you in mind. The Newport Zero 10″ Jumbo Torch was designed for an easy and safe operation.

COOKING BUTANE TORCH – The Jumbo cooking butane torch can reach a temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature you need for most recipes. It has a childproof safety lock system to protect your kids. It also has a burn time of 36 minutes per fill.

BUTANE TORCH USES – Whether you want to use your kitchen torch for culinary purposes or something else, it’s important that you have the best butane torch. A must-have tool for every bartender, chef, and restaurant