MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit


  • The MouthPeace Mini allows you to get the same amazing filtration you’ve come to expect from your MouthPeace, in a smaller, more discrete size. Designed to fit standard pre-rolls on one side and larger blunts and vaporizers on the other, the MouthPeace Mini is the perfect solution for the on-the-go toker.
  • To use, insert a MouthPeace Mini Filter in the centre, choose which side fits your device best, light up and go!
  • The MouthPeace Mini Kit comes with 2 MouthPeace Minis, 6 MouthPeace Mini Filters, and a carrying tube.
  • For use with MouthPeace Mini Filters only.

Note: Colours are sent at Random however if you have a colour in mind please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.