Metal Bullet Grinder & Pipe Set


  • Aluminium Pipe
  • Aluminium Grinder
  • 5 Pipe Screens

The Metal Bullet Pipe & Grinder Set offers your high calibre customers a familiar look and feel. The high-calibre round disassembles and screws back together to form the pipe. The cylinder has a magnetic lid that easily removes to load herbs easily. Designed for travellers and lovers of the outdoor, the Metal Bullet Grinder & Pipe Set offers everything you need to enjoy your herb in a compact and durable package.

The bullet pipe and the grinder are made with sturdy aluminium. The pipe is easy to disassemble for cleaning and loading. It comes with 5 pipe screens, which ensure no ash reaches the mouthpiece.

The grinder has a magnetic lid and sharp teeth which ensure the perfect grind consistency for the pipe.