Mc Cormick Salt & Pepper Hidden Compartment Safe Cans


Two inconspicuous herb shakers, masquerading as flavoursome spice pieces. Inside we have space to conceal some of your own valuable herbs. These are a very unique way to hide your valuables from prying eyes.

  • Mini secret safe to hide your valuables
  • 2 x diversion safes for the price of 1!
  • Two hidden compartments – one in each container
  • Made from real salt and pepper shakers
  • Perfect for cash, jewellery and other valuables
  • Safer than an ordinary safe
  • No thief is going to steal your salt and pepper shakers!
  • Blends in any pantry cupboard, picnic basket or kitchen
  • Includes 1 x Salt Shaker & 1 x Pepper Shaker with holder

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