MBS Smoke Smell Removal Pocket Spray – Assorted Scents


  • Holds up to 200 sprays
  • 100mm x 20mm
  • Sleek, unibody design
  • Shock resistant

Designed with discretion in mind. The MBS Pocket Spray uses special enzymes to eliminate the smell of smoke, not just hide it. A simple spray, and the affected area instantly becomes smoke-free.

How does MBS work?

  • Spray: After smoking, spray smoke affected areas such as the hands, face and clothing.
  • Lasting touch: With MBS Pocket Spray, you will not only clear the area it’s applied to, but you will also leave a vanilla fresh scent in the process.
  • Enzymes: MBS Pocket Spray is designed with a special enzyme that rapidly enhances the rate at which carcinogens and heavy metals resulting from act of smoking are broken down.
  • Additional benefits: MBS Pocket Spray is a fast-acting solution that can also be used on other hard to remove odours.
  • Unibody Design: Designed to be portable and easy to use, the MBS Pocket Spray can be primed with a simple twist.


  • Designed to be your every day carry: At a compact 100mm, MBS Pocket Spray is built to be taken with you everywhere. Our shock-resistant construction, coupled with a drip-proof twist mechanism is designed to last.
  • Shock Resistant: Tough enough to tackle daily wear & tear, you’ll never have to worry about a simple drop again.
  • Discreet: Designed from the start with discretion in mind, the sleek black unibody bottle won’t give away your habits.
  • Australian Made: Proudly designed & made in Australia, using the highest quality ingredients & care in production.
  • Description


    Why don’t I just use an air freshener?
    Unlike other air fresheners, our product is curated with a specialised chemical composition that strictly targets chemicals and metals, that create the smell of smoke. Which allows us to eliminate, and deodorise the area. Other air fresheners, including the strongest brands — consist of a more generic and broad composition, that skips over these chemicals, letting the odour come back after the flavoured scent has left the area.

    Where should I not spray MBS?
    We advise that you do not spray MBS into your eyes and mouth

    Will this product work if I have sensitive skin?
    If you have extremely sensitive and allergic skin, it’s always recommended to do a patch test for compatibility prior to using MBS. Although it is extremely rare, if a rash or irritation occurs the product may not be right for your skin type. If symptoms persist seek advise from your medical professional.

    What should I do if spray some into my eyes?
    You should always avoid contact with eyes when possible. Chemicals in MBS may irritate the eyes. If accidental contact with the eyes does occur, immediately irrigate the eye liberally for 15 minutes with water or saline. Avoid rubbing the eyes. If irritation persists, seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

  • Additional information

    Stealth, Vanilla, Mixed (one of each scent)


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