Magnum Detox Instant Flush – 473ml


Magnum Detox brand Total Body Cleaning System effectively cleanses your blood, urine, and saliva all with a single product. Magnum Detox Instant Flush is blended with care to create the most effective, most innovative cleansing drink available today.
The features of Instant Flush are that it works instantly, there is no need to avoid toxins for 48 hours prior to consuming, and it has been formulated to achieve urinary cleansing as well as saliva cleansing and blood cleansing.
Cleanse your entire system instantly INSTANT FLUSH today.
Instant flush is formulated as a thick drink to bond to toxins better for serious, intensive cleansing. The single strongest drink you can purchase in the industry.

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  • Description

    About Magnum Detox Instant Flush – 473ml

    Instant Total body cleansing with no time to pre cleanse, cleanses all body systems.

    We invite you to try Instant Flush. This product is the definition of innovation; it has no equal in the world of body cleansing.

    Now you can cleanse all of your systems, with no wait time and high toxins.

    Instant Flush safely and effectively cleanses your digestive, circulatory, and urinary system for the ultimate intensive toxin cleanse.

    Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and fibre to support your body’s organs to provide you with the cleansing results you demand. This coupled with a temporary boost in metabolism helps to speed your body’s natural ability to expel toxins. Of course a product as revolutionary as this is costly to research and manufacture, but that is why Magnum Detox is known as the leaders in innovative cleansing solutions.

    Magnum Detox products are Powerful enough to work every time you need them.


    • Drink 16 oz. (473ml) of water prior to drinking
    • Shake bottle before drinking
    • Drink entire contents
    • After first bottle of water is consumed do not drink more than 8 oz. (236ml) of water per hour on day of cleansing
    • Effective for persons weighing 340lbs(154kgs) or less