J-Scale-Jennings JS-VG (0.002g)


The J-Scale JS-VG is our top of the range scale here at EZ Test. This high-precision gemmological and grain scale has 8 different weighing modes, 0.01 carat resolution and advanced counting feature. The JS-VG has a clear hinged wind cover that is also removable for weighing without wind interference, a stylish foam encased jewellery box to keep it safe while traveling and a 20 gram calibration weight to maintain consistently accurate results. The J-Scale JS-VG is an affordable and convenient option for users that need a dependable high-precision gem scale.

  • 0.002 Resolution
  • 20g Capacity
  • Hinged, removable wind cover
  • Foam-encased jewellery box
  • Bright backlit red display
  • Advanced counting feature
  • Last unit used memory
  • Easy calibration, weight included
  • 2 year warranty
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  • Description


    • Foam-Encased Jewelry Box
    • Calibration Weight
    • 3 x AAA Batteries
    • Hinged/Removable Clear Wind Cover


    • Tare       Yes
    • Hold      No
    • Count    Yes
    • Auto-Off No
    • Calibration          Yes
    • Overload Indicator            Yes
    • Power Up Segment Test    No
    • Negative Values  No
    • Data Transmission Port     No


    • Units      g, oz, dwt, ozt, ct, gn, mg, pcs
    • Power    3 x AAA Batteries
    • Display  Backlit, Red
    • Warranty Length 2 Years
    • Operating Temperature    Optimum 10-30°C (50-86°F)


    • Scale Dimension  4.9″ x 3.1″ x 1″
    • 125mm x 79mm x 25mm
    • Tray Dimension   1.6″ / 40mm Diameter
    • Scale Weight


    MODE                 CAPACITY            RESOLUTION

    Grams                  20.00 g                 0.002 g

    Ounces                0.71 oz                 0.0001 oz

    Pennyweights      12.80 dwt            0.002 dwt

    Troy Ounces        0.6400 ozt            0.0001 ozt

    Carats                  100.00 ct              0.01 ct

    Grains                  309.0 gn               0.05 gn

    Milligrams           20,000 mg            2 mg


    German Design

    Designed in Erkelenz, Germany, our products are held to extremely high standards in both design and production. We wish to ensure that all J-Scale® products have the consistent quality our customers expect


    Reliable Precision

    J-Scale® is renowned globally for creating accurate weighing instruments, and we pride ourselves on our product quality and reliability. Our warranties extend years beyond the industry average because we know our scales will give precise measurements for its entire lifespan if cared for properly.


    Affordable Innovation

    J-Scale® is dedicated to continuing a tradition of weighing innovations at a cost-effective value to both consumers and businesses. Some of our industry changing inventions include: The Durascale Impact Protection System, The WEIGHMETER Overload Protection System and the application of Backlit Displays to pocket scales.