Grav Labs Spherical Pocket Bubbler


  • 4″/10.1cm glass bubbler
  • Borosilicate glass
  • 10mm female joint
  • Sturdy flat bottom
  • Discreet size
  • Designed by Micah Evans

The good times are in the palm of your hand—literally—with the GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler.

The Spherical Pocket Bubbler comes with a GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl, perfect for 1-2 water-cooled hits. Swap the bowl out for a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger (not included) if you’re after a mini dab rig. You can even use this baby with a pre-rolled or blunt or with a joint-style dry herb vaporizer. Gotta love options.

Load the compact sphere with smoke for smooth draws and perfect, punchy hits.

The minimal design makes this piece snap to clean. Just soak it in Grunge Off over-night and then rinse (30 seconds of hot water, then 30 seconds of warm, then 10 seconds of cool). Use a Q-Tip to get any tricky spots.

This is your new little buddy. Keep it on your bedside table, your desk, by the back door for quickie smoke breaks.

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