Grav Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler


  • Carb: F
  • 4”/10cm
  • Comes with: 10mm Quartz Bowl
  • Designed by: Micah Evans
  • Filtration type: Bubbler Chamber
  • Joint: 10mm Female
  • Use with: Flower & Concentrate
  • Designed by Micah Evans

Pocket bubblers are versatile, portable, and fun! They can fit a 10mm flower bowl, a 10mm quartz banger for concentrate, or even a well-rolled joint or blunt. The bubbler chamber adds a little water filtration while still keeping the piece nice and compact. The conical bubbler has an ergonomic hand feel and a longer straw to keep hits cool.

This piece comes with a 10mm Quartz Bowl, but can be used with a 10mm banger or a pre-rolled joint or blunt.

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