GRAV Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler


  • 4.25”/10.7cm tall
  • Coffee mug shape
  • Fixed down-stem diffuser
  • Includes 10mm male herb slide
  • Made with quality borosilicate
  • Tiny, discreet bubbler—easy to stash and great for travel

Rise and grind…some weed. Your morning routine is about to get a lot more chill with the GRAV® Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler.

This mini bubbler is about half the size of our full-sized Coffee Mug Bubbler, for an espresso-shot worth of morning goodness.

The two-hole percolator down-stem cools smoke in shallow water. And a 45° mouthpiece prevents nasty splashback. At the tip, the mouthpiece hole is angled slightly down, so you can tip the piece away from yourself while lighting. That means no singed eyebrows.

Hits are smooth, dense, and easy to pull from the compact chamber.

This pocket bubbler is made of break-resistant borosilicate glass. Loop your finger through the little glass handle for a comfy grip when you’re still bleary-eyed.

Set it by the coffee pot for a morning bowl with your morning brew. Or keep it on your desk or table, because you’re going to want it nearby for quick pick-me-up hits throughout the day.

Comes with a GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl. Add a 10mm 90° quartz banger (not included) to turn into a mini dab rig.