Freeze Pipe – Vape Pen


Sleek vape pen with top-tier ergonomics, airflow, and battery life. Discreet and compact, it’s practically invisible in pockets and concealed with a closed fist. The high-class metallic silver finish and noticeable weight make it addictive to hold and show off. And because it’s an aesthetically modified Vessel Compass you can bank on elite airflow and simple controls from a vape pen industry leader.

  • Simple Controls – One-button controls everything
  • Works With Most 510 Vape Cartridges – Fits 0.5 gram and full gram carts
  • Fits In Your Palm – Hold this in your hand and no one can see it. Doesn’t protrude in pockets, no matter how skinny your jeans are
  • 4 Heat Temperatures – Go for flavour or giant clouds, our vape pen is ready
  • Long Lasting Battery Life – Go days, if not weeks, without charging depending on usage

Vape Pen Specs:

  • Includes vape pen, carrying case, charging cable (USB-C port)
  • 3-LEDs Indicate Battery Life
  • 4 Different Heat Settings
  • 550 Mah Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Protected Drop-In Design
  • Cartridges stay safe as most of it is protected by the vape pen
  • Sturdy, Compact Frame
  • Mix of strong plastic and metal protect against drops

Inserting The Cartridge

  • 1 or 2 twists is all that’s needed, be gentle you don’t have to turn until it won’t rotate anymore