Freeze Pipe – Tornado Bong


Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design the Tornado is low on maintenance and high on function. Easy to use, clean and hold this piece performs like a “big bong” without the hassle. Multi-directional percolators create a cyclone of filtration while a unique “Z” provides an organic handle.

  • 14mm bowl, female joint
  • 15″ tall, including height of glycerin coil
  • Includes honeycomb bowl
  • Twin turbine percolators
  • Revolver style glycerin coil
  • Wide base: Supports use of ash catchers and E-nails and won’t tip over
  • Made from highest quality borosilicate glass

Revolver Glycerin Coil:

Improves Air-flow And Quicker Cleaning With The Best Style Glycerin Coil
4-indepent tubes transfer your smoke through the chamber. The smallest of pulls yields the biggest of clouds. Low-maintenance coil that cleans in seconds. Small pipe cleaners will work on each rod.

Glycerin Chamber:

Sit Back And Relax As Our Icy Glycerin Chamber Does All The Heavy Lifting
How do you get a $165 bong to smoke like a $500 + piece? Add a tried-and-true Freeze Pipe glycerin chamber.

Two Turbine Percolators:

Tornado Water Function
Multi-directional Percs Spin Water In Opposite Directions Creating A Highly Efficient Filtration System That Looks Badass
Advanced perc system makes up for the slender nature of this piece. By spinning water clock-wise then counter-clockwise you’ll notice a cyclone of purification and smoothness form inside the piece.

Grip-It Handle & Base:

Easy Grip Shape Provides Sleek Handle – Don’t Be Afraid To Use It, We Designed This On Purpose
Elegant piece needs an elegant way to be held. While you can hold the tornado any way you like we encourage you to try resting the L-shape in-between your fingers. Natural feel and a strong hold.

Sturdy, Extra-Wide Base

Add Ash Catchers, E-nails and guard against clumsy friends with this No-tip base
There’s nothing worse than knocking a bong over. We wanted this Tornado to be sleek and portable, but that didn’t stop us from sacrificing the base. Enjoy a sturdy base designed to hold heavy attachments and minor accidents.

  • Tornado Water Function – Twin turbine percolators spin water in opposite directions creating a mini twister inside your piece
  • Easy To Pass & Use – Sturdy yet lightweight feel, slender body and stands 15″ tall
  • Grip-It Handle – Built-in “Z” shape creates a natural handle
  • Bigger Clouds, No Afterburn – Glycerin chambers cool smoke by over 300 degrees for icy smooth tokes
  • Revolver Glycerin Coil – Big pulls, little effort. Upgraded coil promotes better air-flow and easy cleaning