Freeze Pipe – Steamroller Pipe – 12”/30cm


When you thought things couldn’t get any icier, the Steamroller is here to prove you wrong. Double the glycerin (compared to the entry hand pipe) means double the cool, with puffs as refreshing as an arctic breeze. The Revolver Glycerin Coil makes every hit effortless and bath time a breeze. No harshness, no annoying coughs to ruin your vibe. Just pure, refreshing, and rich hits.

Cooled by Over 300°F/148°C – Delivers a smoke so smooth and cool, it feels like it passed through an icy waterfall

  • Double the Glycerin, Double the Fun – Cough-free sessions that will have you laughing at the memory of loading your bong with ice cubes
  • Cool & Ready Within 1 Hour – Pop it in the freezer for 60 minutes, and you’re all set for hours of solo chill or group sesh
  • Easy Ashing & Packing – Effortlessly handle cleaning, maintenance, and reloading with the removable honeycomb bowl
  • Built to Last – Made from the highest quality borosilicate glass for years of  icy-cool smoke sessions

Steamroller Specs:

  • 12-Inch Length
  • Experience prolonged, satisfying draws with the largest glycerin hand pipe ever made
  • Freezable Glycerin Coil
  • The smoke temperature drops rapidly, making every inhalation smooth and enjoyable
  • Removable Honeycomb Bowl
  • Made for swift packing and cleaning, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience every time
  • Stability Legs
  • Prevents tipping and rolling, providing a stable base for uninterrupted sessions
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass Material
  • Initially designed for laboratory use, resistant to thermal stress and chemical corrosion
  • Steamroller Style
  • A classic design with a modern twist that provides both style and function