Freeze Pipe: Spiral & Revolver


Be Aware of Fake Counterfeit Freeze Pipes found on EBay and other sites, we only stock the real deal here at EZ Test Australia.

Freeze Pipe is a glass hand pipe featuring a freezable glycerin coil. When smoke passes through the frozen chamber it’s instantly cooled (by over 300 degrees) to a chilly temperature resulting in a dramatically smooth and clean toke.

  • Icy Smooth Experience – Bong-like rips without the afterburn or coughing attacks
  • Freezes Quick & Stays Frozen – 1-hour freeze is all you need, stays cold for the whole group sesh
  • Removable Honeycomb Bowl – For easy ashing and packing
  • Fast Cleaning – Cleans like any other pipe
  • Spiral Coil or Revolver Coil

Monster Rips Without The Burn:

This isn’t your ordinary glass weed pipe. The cooling effect is real. Very real so be careful. You’re going to be taking bong sized rips from a hand pipe without the throat and chest burning associated with traditional bongs and pipes. Putting ice in your bong is one thing, having the smoke pass through a frozen glycerin chamber is a whole different animal.

Removable Honeycomb Bowl For Easy Packing and Ashing:

The biggest hassle when smoking hand pipes is repacking and emptying out the bowl. Normally, this requires turning the entire pipe upside down and banging it with a lighter or on the table. Raise your hand if you’ve ever broken a pipe this way. Now put that hand down because Freeze Pipe has the solution. The glass bowl where the herb is placed is completely removable. Repacking ashed bowls has never been easier and less risky. Besides the smoothness of the hits, the removable bowl is typically our customer’s favourite part about the pipe.

Ever Get Home And Just Wanna Smoke A Bowl, RIGHT NOW?:

Glass pieces are the fastest way to arrive at your destination. Freeze Pipe can be stored in the freezer in between sessions, simply throw a fresh bowl in, take a few puffs and keep it moving. Smoking with a group of friends? With just 1-hour in the freezer Freeze Pipe stays cold long enough that it’s usually “the last one standing” if you catch our drift…