Freeze Pipe – Mini Dab Rig


Iconic mini dab rig design that combines function and glycerin cooling power. An improved version of the classic fab-egg dab rig mold, Freeze Pipe’s version increases air flow and brings the largest base to the mini rig market. A percolator in the bottom chamber begins filtration, while connecting arms transfer water and smoke back-and-forth between the top and bottom chamber. This action further merges hot smoke with cool cleansing water to improve smoothness. Enjoy stout cooling power, intense flavour and ease of use with this pocket sized mini rig.

  • Stands 6″tall without glycerin coil
  • Includes glycerin coil for intense cooling power
  • Domed walls create max flavour. Very little stale air inside the piece
  • Wide, thick base to handle clumsy friends and heavy attachments
  • Includes premium core reactor quartz banger
  • 14mm joint

Glycerin Coils Cool Dab Smoke By 300 degrees

Freeze the coil for 1-hour and let the magic of a frozen passageway take you on a journey of massive dab hits. Our ability to cool smoke in a glycerin coil while not diluting flavour via too much water filtration creates a flavour packed experience showcasing the delicacies of every hit.

Compact Size Creates More Flavour

The name of the game is less stale air = more flavourful dab hits. While bigger bongs are preferable for combustible flower, concentrates operate differently. Dab rigs are smaller on purpose so there’s less stale air inside the piece to interact and lessen the taste of the vapor.

Includes Core Reactor Quartz Banger & Thick Base

Longer Dab Sessions With Better Heat Retention

Core reactors, aka the hockey puck at the bottom, increase the banger’s heat retention for longer dab sessions. Stop re-heating for every hit as this banger will stay hot for you and a few friends to reach orbit!

Bigger Hits & Preferred Banger For Low-Temperature Dabs

Because core reactor bangers stay hotter for longer they’re preferred for low-temp dabbing. Enjoy consistent heat retention across the banger for bigger hits without the sticky mess left behind. Check out our Dab Rigs page for more on why lower temp dabs are better.

Biggest Base On The Mini Rig Market

Measuring 3.5″ in diameter and heavier than you’d expect, our mini rig is built to withstand clumsy friends, wet tables and heavy accessories such as E-nail. This zero-tip base is the largest in the mini rig market by a considerable margin. The brand you may be thinking of when it comes to mini rigs just increased their base to 2.5″ and subsequently had to raise pricing. If you’ve ever broken a glass piece and promised yourself that was the last time, this is the mini rig for you.