Freeze Pipe – Gravity Bong


The only gravity bong to have a glycerin coil, this glass GB brings much-needed smoothness to a product that’s historically known for it’s intensity. Don’t get us wrong, this is still a GB and the Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong is an in-your-face type experience that requires minimal product to get you feeling great. In fact, the beauty of GB’s is how little product is needed to reach optimal levels and how fast it can be assembled.

  • Includes 2 glycerin coils
  • 12″ tall (not counting glycerin coil)
  • Includes honeycomb bowl for massive bowls
  • Quick setup has you enjoying the product in seconds
  • Fast hits that you’ll feel instantly
  • Smoothest and coldest gravity bong experience on the market

How Gravity Bongs Work:

The first word that comes to mind is intense.  Gravity bongs work by using suction to build a giant cloud of smoke and then utilize pressure (created by water and gravity) to propel this cloud of smoke directly into your lungs.

  1. Fill chamber (the open-ended vase) with water to the top of the leaf logo
  2. Insert the bottle-looking piece into chamber and pack bowl with grinded herb
  3. Light bowl and slowly pull the bottle up. You will see the bottle fill with smoke
  4. Stop pulling up before the bottom of the bottle leaves the water, then remove the bowl and replace it with the glycerin coil
  5. Put your lips to the coil and slowly press down on the bottle. This will rapidly send smoke from the bottle to your face

Conserves Flower, Works Instantly

If you want the most bang for your buck from herb there’s no better piece than a gravity bong. Because there’s no filtration, you’re consuming every single bit your product has to offer.

Additionally, the sheer volume of smoke that gets propelled into your lungs is considerably larger than a standard bong rip. It’s this pure smoke volume that makes gravity bong’s so effective and why many people will start to nervously smile when you bust out a GB.

What’s Included?

  • Two glycerin coils – We suggest keeping one coil in the freezer until it’s time for reinforcements.
  • Honeycomb bowl – Always grind your product when using the gravity bong. We provided an extra large bowl but you DEFINITELY do not need to fill the entire bowl. Start small and see what works best for you. Same rule with edibles applies here – you can always do more, but you can’t un-smoke it.
  • Two-piece gravity bong set – One main water chamber and one inner tube

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