Freeze Pipe – Bong


High quality glass bongs that combine meticulously selected percolators with freezable glycerin chambers to create a view-shattering experience. The Bong is a classic mainstay and demand remains sky high.

Tried and true option that always delivers impressive results. Elegant 2-part perc system and powerful smoke cooling.

  • Inline + Sprinkler Percolator
  • Standard Size Glycerin Chamber
  • Classic Spiral Glycerin Coil
  • 18mm bowl
  • 16″ tall

Bong Base:

Inline & Sprinkler Perc Combo – There’s a reason as our bong family evolves this perc combo remains. This two-part cleansing system is beloved by thousands of our customers and efficient as percs come.

Glycerin Coils:

No Amount Of Percolators Or Ice Cubes Create The Smoothness & Cooling Power Of A Glycerin Coil

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of glycerin coils, and along the way learned all the nuisances necessary to build the prefect glycerin bong.

Conservatively, glycerin coils cool smoke by over 300 degrees. Combine the natural cooling effect from water filtration and our larger-than-standard glycerin coils and this number jumps even higher. With glycerin cooled smoke you’re building thicker, milkier clouds and consuming it all without feeling like you swallowed a cactus. Most people report they cough considerably less, but everyone reports these the are the coldest, smoothest and biggest bong rips they’ve ever tried.

  • Icy Smooth Clouds – Glycerin chambers cool smoke by over 300 degrees
  • Powerful Percolators – Hyper-efficient filtration improves smoothness for an irritant-free experience. Removes as much tar, ash and plant matter as a Bong physically can
  • Freezes Quick & Stays Frozen – 1-hour freeze is all you need, stays cold for the whole group sesh
  • Two Levels Of Cooling & Filtration – Water filtration and glycerin cooling combine for zero afterburn and reduced coughing
  • Borosilicate Glass – Only the highest quality glass used