Freeze Pipe – Bong Dual


The king of cold just got an upgrade. Now with a better base, added UFO perc and our largest glycerin coil, the new Bong Dual is your new go-to. Combines three levels of filtration and cooling power to ensure a smooth delivery with zero burn. Make no mistake about it, this is the apex predator of all Freeze Pipe bongs.

  • Revolver Glycerin Coil – Upgraded coil promotes better air-flow and easier cleaning
  • Showerhead & UFO Percolator – Two levels of filtration create a smooth and irritant-free experience. Removes as much tar, ash and plant matter as a bong physically can
  • Largest Glycerin Chamber – 50% more glycerin than our entry level bong
  • Fast Cleaning – Detachable parts simplify cleaning and storage
  • Freezes Quick & Stays Frozen – 1-hour freeze is all you need. Cools smoke by over 300 degrees and stays cold for the whole group sesh

The Base:

Showerhead Percolator
Dozens of slits across the bottom of the perc create hundreds of bubbles. Named after its shape, few percolators create a cleaner and smoother hit than the showerhead design.

Easy To Clean:

Showerhead percs are one of the easiest percolators to maintain. The slits are small enough to create tons of bubbles but large enough to keep working after repeated use and avoid clogging.

Zero Drag:

We tested every type of perc imaginable and put together our favourite combo. Many larger bongs become encumbered with the wrong percs. This is where the Bong Dual shines. Outstanding air-flow you’ll notice from the first pull.

UFO Perc:

Magnifies Smoothness And Promotes Health
This additional layer of water diffusion makes for an even smoother, colder and more refined hit. While this may sound like a broken record, adding this perc is a night-and-day difference. To use, fill the UFO perc with enough water so the slits are slightly submerged.

Air Flow And Ease Of Ownership
While hyper-efficient, a few extreme percs can create more filtration than the UFO style. But those percs are debilitating to clean and create serious drag on your hits. UFO percs are by far the easiest to clean, maintain and have zero effect in air flow. This combo of excellent filtration prowess and durability make the UFO highly sought after.

Revolver Glycerin Coil:

You’ll Only Find This Innovate Coil Here At Freeze Pipe
6 independent rods transfer smoke through the glycerin chamber for supremely chilled tokes. By breaking down large smoke clouds into 6 passageways every bit of your puff has time for the frozen glycerin chamber to work it’s magic. Because these rods are straight tubes you’ll notice increased air flow and an even easier cleaning experience.

Bigger Hits, Less Coughing
With how smooth the Bong Dual is, it’s (scary) easy to take bigger rips without noticing it. When it comes to coughing, most people say because how smooth our pieces are they cough less. And we receive many messages from customers who suffer from various illnesses of how they tried all these other pieces and ours is the only one they’ll smoke because they don’t cough using it. With that said, if you take a FAT rip of herb, no matter the piece, coughing is likely to happen. So yes, while it is common to experience little-to-no-coughing with the Bong Dual, there’s so many variables to go into how specific bodies react to consuming herb.

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