Freeze Pipe – Beaker


The terms ergonomic and easy come to mind when describing our beaker bong. It’s thick borosilicate glass compliments it’s 11″ stature as this piece just feels great in your hand. It’s easy to pass around and makes a great couch-smoking piece. We recommend this as a starter glycerin bong due to low maintenance, ease of use and powerful cold hits.

  • 14mm downstem percolator
  • Simple singular detachment location makes for easy freezing and cleaning
  • Powerful glycerin coil ensures bigger, colder hits. This piece punches well above its weight class

Glycerin Coils Is All That We Do, You Could Call It An Obsession:
We’ve spent years perfecting the art of glycerin coils, and along the way learned all the nuisances necessary to build the prefect glycerin bong

And this beaker bong is a great place to start. Conservatively, glycerin coils cool smoke by over 300 degrees. Combine the natural cooling effect from water filtration and our larger-than-standard glycerin coils and this number jumps even higher. With glycerin cooled smoke you’re building thicker, milky clouds in the base and consuming it all without feeling like you swallowed a cactus. Most people report they cough considerably less, but everyone reports the hits are colder, smoother and bigger than their other bongs.

The Hassle Free Bong You’ve Been Looking For:
This piece has three parts; the glycerin coil, base, and downstem. All of which are detachable for easy cleaning and freezing. The provided keck clips hold everything in place when it’s go time. This is as dependable and low maintenance as bongs come, which is awesome because once you feel the freeze it’s hard to go back to normal bongs.

Ergonomic And Sturdy AF:
Brilliant everyday piece that’s ready to be put through the ringer. Standing 11″ tall, the moment you pick this beaker bong up it may be a tad heavier than expected. And that’s a good thing, it’s because we’re using thick borosilicate glass ready for the grind.