EZ Test Kit for Simons Reagent for Secondary Amines


This EZ Test Kit is intended to test for secondary amines. Simon’s reagent is a mixture of water, acetaldehyde, sodium nitroprusside, and sodium carbonate.

Simon’s reagent is used to test PMMA vs PMA, MDMA vs MDA, or Meth/amphetamine, however, it’s also a good test for mephedrone and other secondary amines. No reaction is caused by PMA, MDA, MDPV, amphetamine, caffeine and many other substances (or lack of active ingredient). Simon’s can only test for the presence, not the purity or quantity of a specific substance.

The test will show a rapid royal blue reaction with the presence of secondary amines: MDMA, Meth. PMMA, Mephedrone and others.

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  • Description

    Instructions for use:

    • Open the ampoule
    • Add the liquid from the tube
    • Add a small amount of the sample to be tested
    • Watch the reaction carefully and compare the result to the included colour chart
    • Dispose of the test safely and responsibly