Diversion Stash Safe – Pepsi Can


These ultra-realistic diversion stash safe cans will keep your valuables undetectable to snooping eyes. These safe cans are made from actual Australian Pepsi cans (exact same size and weight), which makes them feel just like a normal drink, so no one will ever suspect that it could be anything less than an innocent can – they’re very hard to detect!

  • Great way to stash away your personal items.
  • Looks and feels real!
  • Description

    The soda can diversion safe offers a convenient hiding spot for your valuable items. Brand name sodas are modified to contain a compartment that is hidden from plain view. These are so easy to use!

    • Unscrew the top of the can and place your valuables, cash (or whatever else you have that you don’t want to be found) inside and screw the top back on.
    • It will blend in with your other drink cans.
    • Made from a real soft drink can
    • Weighted to appear full

    These diversion stash safe cans are made from real Australian Pepsi cans – they have liquid in the closed off portion making them feel like an actual can, and the top screws off for great storage. Use this cool can safe to hide money, jewellery, or any other valuables.