Detoxify Precleanse Herbal Supplement


  • All toxicity exposure levels
  • Recommended for use with Mega Clean & Mega Clean NT
  • Suggest 2-3 pre cleanse days before same-day detox cleanses
  • Pair with increased water intake and light foods
  • Six capsules in one packet
  • 1 packet = 1 pre cleanse day

Start your same-day herbal detox cleanse with powerful cleansing herbs. Pre cleanse Herbal Supplement allows your detox drinks to perform at optimal levels. We recommend two to three pre cleanse days before your detox day. Enhanced with Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Juniper and Uva Ursi.


Use Precleanse the day (or days) prior your herbal cleanse detox day. Follow these simple steps:

  • Take one capsule with 16oz/473ml of water six times throughout the day.