Dabbing Allstars Rolling Tray


Rolling trays are essential for any smokers tool bag.The Dabbing All Stars Rolling Tray puts you right in the party with all of your favorite cartoon characters! This rolling tray is built with thick brass that prevents bending and warping and also creates a smooth and secure working surface. The Dabbing All Stars tray was designed with high sidewalls to assist in keeping your tobacco or dry herbs contained on the tray and in the party at all times!

  • Dabbing All Stars Rolling Tray
  • Cartoon Themed
  • The Perfect Rolling & Work Station
  • Built from Strong Brass
  • Smooth Rolling / Work Surface
  • High Sidewalls Help Prevent Tobacco / Flower From Falling Off
  • Available in two sizes – Small (17.75cm x 12.7cm) & Large (28cm x 17.75cm)
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