Clean U – Clean Urine 25 ml Original Sachet


  • Mobile, 100 % synthetic fake urine for daily use and to protect your privacy
  • Passes all common adulteration tests
  • Very robust bag, yet cuddly & with rounded corners
  • Easy & quiet to open – even with wet hands
  • Becomes visible like real urine under UV light
  • 36 months non-refrigerated shelf life (best before date in MM/YY form on each bag)
  • Three years problem-free exchange in case of damaged seal seams
  • Made in Germany – Invented and manufactured in Germany
  • Worn on the body, the temperature remains constant and natural (33-34°C).
  • With our special pants with sewn-in secret inner pocket, the 25ml Clean Urine Bag can be transported safely and has a comfortable temperature due to body heat.

3 Colour Options – Perfect for regular testers:

Three different markings (red / green / yellow) signal different values in the urine such as pH and creatinine values, as these values depend on the diet and change daily.
All bags contain synthetic urine that corresponds to the urine of a healthy person in all relevant parameters. All three colour codes have the same high-quality standard.
Only use 1 colour option in the same test so if you require more than 1 sachet for the test, use the same colour.

Check out the secret underwear that perfectly holds your Clean U Sachet.

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