Car Key Secret Stash with Key & Hidden Compartment


The Car Key Safe uses exactly the same strong, hard wearing materials as a standard car key and fob. This means it has the same look, size, shape, weight and feel as a standard car key. The metal key-blade flips out like a real car key, and the buttons depress exactly as they should.

  • Great for clubs, pubs, festivals, concerts, holidays, house parties or any event.
  • Can be used to hold your medication, jewellery, spare cash and any valuables
  • Keep it on your keys so it’s always with you and you can even get the key cut for your own car.
  • Virtually impossible to open without knowing the correct technique.
  • Does NOT require tools or a screwdriver to open -just follow the instructions to easily open the secret, hidden compartment when you need.
  • Waterproof