Camo Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter


The Camo Smokebuddy is a handy, and reliable, lifesaving air filter. Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smokebuddy and odourless air comes out the other end. Smoke where you want, and when you want without anyone knowing the wiser. Keep second-hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbours with your Smokebuddy. The Camo Smokebuddy is for the warriors that love camo, those who want to smoke safely.

  • Description
    • Includes – Smoke Buddy Keychain with LED light
    • Travel Caps Included for storing discreetly
    • Great Camo Design with black details
    • Environmentally friendly product
    • Keeps second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbour’s
    • Convenient and compact
    • Magically removes smoke and door
    • Estimated at 300 + uses

    Original Dimensions: 2.75”/7cm x 2.75”/7cm x 4”/10cm