Bob Marley Organic Hemp Rolling Papers – 1 ¼


Bob Marley Organic Hemp rolling papers are made from 100% all natural hemp. Hemp paper is made free of nicotine and other toxic additives. You can rest assured when you’re rolling your favourite legal blends that these papers are going to deliver an unmatched level of satisfaction. Each unflavoured paper will cradle an ample amount of your favourite legal smoking herbs so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the day! The 1 ¼ size pack contains 50 leaves.

Bob Marley cigarette papers are licensed by Bob Marley and are some of the most popular rolling papers available on the market. These papers are “tree-free” and feature a pure-hemp, 100% natural construction. Bob Marley papers are perfect for the Rastafarian lifestyle. Each pack has a picture of the iconic Bob Marley on it. If you want to try some of the best papers currently available, Bob Marley Rolling Papers are certainly one on the list.

  • 50 Leaves per Pack
  • Made in Spain